Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is one the most traumatic events that can happen in life. The suddenness of such a tragedy can make the emotional pain all the worse. While the loved ones of victims are coping with their sudden and unexpected loss, they should not be further burdened with financial worries. In some cases, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is an appropriate way to secure monetary compensation that can help alleviate some of the financial burden that so often results from a fatal car accident.

Tragically, a man from Louisiana passed away after suffering serious injuries in a car crash. The man was being treated for injuries in a New Orleans hospital after a three-vehicle crash occurred on a Tuesday evening. While diving his pickup, the man attempted to make a left turn from a westbound lane and was struck by another truck, driven by a 46-year-old man, that was headed southbound. The two trucks then collided with a sedan that was also driving westbound. Depending on what the investigation uncovers, the 46-year-old driver of the other truck may face criminal charges.

After a fatal accident is investigated, a driver involved is sometimes found to be at fault. In these cases, it may be appropriate for the loved ones of victims to file a wrongful death lawsuit, in which case their claim can be strengthened by a strong and sound legal strategy. By gathering investigation reports, medical records and eyewitness reports, loved ones can often pursue a wrongful death claim and secure compensation that can help them cover the costs resulting from medical treatment, vehicle damages and lost wages.

Source: The Advocate, “Paulina man dies from injuries in Tuesday evening crash,” Feb. 27, 2014