A sad truth of life is that tragedy often strikes when you least expect it and, sometimes, in horrific ways. All too often, car accidents are the facilitators of these events. When a driver acts negligently and dangerously on the road, it can unfortunately wreak havoc on completely innocent bystanders, as is the case of a recent New Orleans accident.

A six-year-old New Orleans boy was killed while making his way to his school bus stop after being struck by a passing car. After the incident, the 22-year-old driver of the vehicle fled the scene. However, because the accident was recorded by a gas station security camera, the driver was soon after identified, located and arrested. The young boy’s sister who was also involved in the incident suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

While nothing can fully heal the pain caused by an incident such as this, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help pave the road to recovery. By examining the details of an accident, an attorney can possibly determine if a driver in question acted negligently – stemming from such acts as ignoring traffic laws or signals, speeding, driving under the influence and more. Under these circumstances, damages ranging from compensation for medical expenses to pain and suffering caused can possibly be awarded.

It is truly a tragedy whenever a car accident leads to the loss of a loved one, especially when the victim in question is a young child. Filling the hole caused by an incident of that caliber is an almost impossible task. But proper legal action and guidance can help set the grieving off on the right foot on the path to find peace.

Source: wwltv.com, “22-year-old arrested in fatal hit and run of young boy,” Meg Farris, Feb. 5, 2014