Louisiana residents rely on numerous products to get through their daily routine. Some heavily rely on automobiles to get through their day and week. Although these are very beneficial products, vehicles could become dangerous and unsafe. When a product is improperly made or there is an error in production, an unaware consumer could suffer injury or even death.

GM broadened recently their list of vehicles that are being recalled. Since the recall started, more than 4 million cars and trucks have been recalled by the carmaker. The number of vehicles recalled is two million more than GM sold in the United States during 2013.

The recall began with a faulty ignition switch on compact cars. The switch is believed to have played a factor in 13 car crash deaths. At the end of March, nearly 500,000 late-model pickup trucks and SUV have been added to the recall list. These vehicles were found to have transmission oil cooling lines that fail to stay in their fittings. As a result the transmission oil can leak. If the oil hits a hot surface a fire can start. Thus far, GM is reporting that there has been three fires without injuries.

In addition to the trucks and SUV’s, almost 200,000 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars were also added to the recall list. This affects cars manufactured between 2013 and 2014. In these cars, the right front axle shaft can fracture and separate while being driven. GM is not aware of any crashes caused by this defect but the company has authorized dealers to replace the shaft at no charge to the consumer.

Any consumer that is affected by the recall should take their vehicle to a dealer for appropriate inspection. For those who have been injured by a defective product, you may want to consider a product liability suit. Companies that produce defective products may be found negligent for their actions. A product liability professional might be able to help determine if you have a valid claim. Seeking guidance could help establish a cuase of action while also protecting their rights and interests.

Source: Huffington Post, “GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall By 824,000 Cars,” Tom Krisher and Dee-Ann Durbin, Mar. 29, 2014.