Any type of car accident can be devastating. A hit and run can be particularly difficult because the person who flees the scene of a crime can rob the victim and their family of closure. As a matter of public safety, Louisiana highways may become a little less safe until the reckless driver is apprehended and brought to justice.

As of this week, there is one less dangerous driver on the road. The driver is accused of being responsible for a hit and run accident that left one woman dead. The gruesome accident occurred on the 3800 block of Williams Boulevard at 9 p.m. last Saturday. The victim was struck by the driver and ejected into the air before colliding with the pavement. Instead of stopping to assist the victim, the reckless driver is said to have made a U-turn and drove in the opposite direction down Williams Boulevard. An hour into the investigation, police at the scene received word from the hit and run driver’s attorney. The attorney informed police that his client believed that he may have struck someone on Williams’ boulevard. The driver was charged with a fatal hit and run and later released from the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on a $10,000 bond.

Accidents like this are all too common on Louisiana streets. Fatal accidents like this one not only take the life of the victim, they also rob the families of the love and companionship of these individuals. There is value in every life. Though financial compensation can never bring back a life, it can help to pay unexpected bills that result from injury and death.

In Louisiana certain family members can bring a claim for wrongful death. A wrongful death attorney may be able to help victims and their family determine if a valid claim is present and to receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.

Source:, “In Kenner fatal hit-run wreck, police identify suspect, 84, and victim,” Michelle Hunter, April 27, 2014.