Though motorcycles share the roadways, riders are not always treated with respect by car drivers. Careless drivers can cause serious bodily injury to motorcycle riders. Such is the case of one cyclist who was severely injured by a hit and run driver.

The accident occurred early one Wednesday evening on Central City street. The traffic accident was initially reported to police as gunfire. Witnesses believed that the motorcycle rider had been hit in the left thigh before collapsing off of his bike. However, further investigation proved that there was no gunfire only a car accident. The gun shots initially reported is believed to be related to the hit and run driver that fled the scene after the accident. A shooting was reported on the 1900 block of Fourth Street, just before the traffic accident.

Among the motorcyclist’s injuries are wounds on one leg, severe scrapes and lacerations from the jagged road. He is currently being treated at Interim LSU Hospital where the supervising nurse has declined to give an update on his condition. Witnesses on the scene of the accident reported that the cyclist screamed in agony before being taken to the hospital.

Whether driving a car or on a motorcycle, a motor vehicle accident can have devastating effects on the life of the victim. Some accident victims pay the ultimate price with their lives. The medical bills from this unexpected event can lead to financial ruin, even when the injured has health insurance. Such devastation requires full compensation. An accident attorney can help victims recover all the compensation to which they are entitled from a negligent driver.

Source:, “Police say Central City motorcyclist downed by riding accident, not gunfire“, Ken Daley, May 7, 2014