Staying connected in a digital age requires the use of several different devices that all must be maintained at full power. As a result, multiple chargers and adaptors are utilized to ensure that New Orleans residents stay connected. One company has issued a recall on one of their popular adaptor models. Consumers are advised to discontinue use immediately.

The company is Gemini Manufacturing, Inc., of Gaffney, South Carolina. The product is the power adaptor and charger that can be used to charge various cell phones and electronic devices. About 31,000 units of the defective product were manufactured in white, black, blue, green and red. Before issuing the recall, the company received a report that a consumer was burned on their hand. Anyone concerned about possessing one of the defective adaptors should contact Gemini at 877-230-4986.

Though the items being recalled were used as a promotional item, the theory of product liability still applies. Any individual that has been injured by the product may be able to recover in a product liability claim. Manufactures are responsible for the design and production of safe products. If a manufacturer fails to produce a safe product, the company may be held liable for the losses incurred by their injured customers.

Anyone that has been injured while using a product in a typical way may seek to recover damages in a product liability claim. An attorney that specializes in product liability claim will be able to guide their client through the complex technical issues that often arise in these types of claims.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Gemini Recalls Power Adaptor/Chargers Due to Burn Hazard,” July 10, 2014