Just as auto makers are moving toward safer vehicles, major truck manufacturers are also trying to make their trucks safer. Each year nearly 4,000 people are killed and over 100,000 are injured in commercial vehicle accidents. This push toward safety is welcome news for the Louisiana families who have lost loved ones to truck accidents.

Truck makers like Volvo Trucks and Daimler are beefing up the safety features that are offered on their models. Everything from enhanced cruise control to lane departure warnings are available. Volvo has touted that a lot of new technology has been added to its trucks since 2009. An active braking system has been added to Volvo trucks since 2012.

Despite these new efforts, safety exports believe that cost concerns, customer choice and slow regulation have contributed to the slow application of certain safety technology that would make the greatest impact. Some systems would allow truck drivers to set their speed to prevent the truck from moving faster than the truck directly in front of it. Other technology would aim at preventing tired truck drivers from veering into the wrong lane. This would decrease the chance for collision with another vehicle on the road.

Trucking manufacturer Daimler has conducted demonstrations on a driverless truck. The company has aimed at putting driverless trucks on the road by the year 2025. Until this lofty goal is achieved, drivers must still contend with the effects of weary truck drivers that unwittingly create pain and suffering when they collide with cars on the road. Truck accident victims may need to seek the advice of an attorney that specializes in car accidents to receive proper compensation.

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