Smoke detectors are an essential tool used to keep us safe in the event of a fire. Each year consumers are reminded to test their smoke detectors and change the batteries to ensure optimal function. What if this is not enough to keep your smoke detector functioning properly? This is the case for over one million Kidde smoke detectors that have been sold in the United States.

Kidde is manufactured in China by Fyrnetics Ltd. These smoke detectors are sold at Home Depot and online at The problem with these detectors is their failure to reset after a power outage. Subsequently, if a fire breaks out after a power outage, consumers may not be alerted. Kidde is offering free replacement detectors to consumers who have purchased the defective models.

Defective products such as this one, pose a huge threat to consumers. When an item is manufactured and placed on the shelves, consumers expect that these items will be safe for use. If and when a consumer is injured by a defective product there is a legal remedy known as product liability. Product liability cases allow consumers to force manufacturers to answer for their negligence. Part of answer is to provide compensation for the injuries suffered by a victim.

Consumers who have been injured by a defective product may want to seek an attorney to help determine the best legal course. An injury should not prevent a victim from living a full life.

Source:, “Kidde Recalls Smoke and Combination Smoke/CO Alarms Due to Alarm Failure,” Sept. 11, 2014