Anyone who has driven on a Louisiana highway has observed 18-wheeler trucks. These massive vehicles haul cargo throughout the United States. To stay on schedule, drivers spend long hours behind the wheel. These long hours can lead the most careful of drivers to make mistakes. Car drivers must take affirmative steps to avoid a collision.

The first thing to remember when a truck approaches your vehicle on the interstate is to remain alert. This means paying close attention to possible lane changes and swift movements from the truck. It is important to avoid blind spots on a truck. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot see the truck’s side mirrors, chances are the truck driver cannot see you. This could be dangerous for both you and the truck.

Trucks make wide turns to accommodate their vehicle size. If a truck is observed turning right, do not try to pass the truck on the right. Car drivers should never cut in front of a truck or bus. These vehicles need more distance to stop than a car. If you must pass a truck, observe any turn signals from the truck before passing. Finally, when roads are wet, always give trucks four to six seconds of space. This is for the safety of car drivers and truck drivers. High speeds and slick road conditions can lead to fatal accidents.

Even after following these steps, a driver or passenger in a car may still be injured by a truck. Reckless driving on the part of a truck driver can lead to devastating results. Both truck drivers and their companies can and should be held liable for negligence. Victims of truck accidents may need to seek legal counsel to protect their interests.

Source: Road Safe America, “Driver Safety Tips,” accessed on Oct. 13, 2014