Have you ever observed an 18-wheeler hanging over the side of a highway? Anyone who traveled near the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway may have observed this peculiar sight on Thursday, October 30. After a collision with a car, a large truck dangled off the southbound bridge for several hours.

According to the bridge manager, the truck accident occurred 4 miles from the south shore. The 18-wheeler allegedly rear-ended one car and clipped another. The out-of-control truck then collided with the side of the bridge. Drivers of the vehicles that were hit were taken by ambulance to the local hospital. None of their injuries were described as life-threatening.

The bridge was shut down for almost three hours while the cab of the tractor-trailer hung over the guardrail. The truck was safely removed from the bridge and the guardrail was replaced by highway officials. The bridge manager has indicated that the accident is currently under investigation.

Tractor-trailer accidents can have an adverse affect on individuals as well as the traffic flow on a highway. The injuries sustained by the victims can negatively impact their ability to work and provide for their families. In some cases, these accidents may cause permanent disability.

If a victim was injured by a negligent truck driver, they may be able to sue the trucking company to obtain compensation for their injuries. However, if insurance companies and big trucking companies seek to escape the consequences of their employee’s actions, victims must seek legal counsel to fight for their rights so they can obtain the compensation they deserve.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Southbound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway reopens,” Robert Rhoden, Oct. 30, 2014