It is a new year and with that comes new resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to exercise and get healthy. To this end many flock to Louisiana health clubs to start their fitness journey. Still others prefer to work out at home. They purchase home exercise equipment to help them reach their fitness goals. Consumers trust that these items will be safe to use. However, this is not always the case.

The manufacturer of the SKLZ Resistance Trainer is recalling its product. The reason is a defective weld on ring on the trainer’s belt that could break when used. When this occurs, the flexible cord both quickly and unexpectedly retracts, hitting an exercise partner on the opposite end of the cord.

The incidences of breakage have resulted in various injuries. This includes blunt trauma to the lower leg, puncture wounds and lacerations to the body. These trainers are sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Consumers should be aware of these consumer injuries stop using these items immediately, contacting the company for a free replacement.

Whenever a product injures a consumer, he or she has the right to seek damages from the manufacture of that product. This right is available even if the injured is not the person that purchased the item. The law allows individuals to pursue a claim for negligent manufacturing of dangerous products.

A consumer that has been injured may desire to know all of their legal rights on the matter. A product liability suit could help an injured party recover compensation for their losses and damages. In these matters, it is important to be aware of their rights and options regarding legal remedies to recover damages.

Source: The Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Pro Performance Recalls SKLZ Resistance Trainers Due to Risk of Severe Injury,” Jan. 8, 2015