When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010, it changed the culture of a region. Eleven men lost their lives and 16 others were injured. After the explosion, almost five million barrels of oil were dumped into the Gulf waters. Since then there has been a flurry of law suits and settlements that are still making their way through the legal system. Now a new chapter in this story begins.

The Deepwater disaster will soon be in a theater near you. Summit Entertainment has begun filming in New Orleans. The wife of one of the explosion victims is not happy about this new entertainment chapter. After reading about a request for extras on Facebook, she was devastated that the families of those killed were not consulted. In her opinion the film should not be made at this time but, if it is made, the victims and their families should be consulted.

The production spokesperson could not be reached for comment about the film. However previous news of the film revealed that it will focus on a survivor. The plot line is less about the explosion and more about how the main character survives. The wife of the explosion victim hopes the producers pay close attention to the facts of how it all happened.

Since the accident, victims and those that have been affected by the oil spill have sought relief through the legal system. Offshore workers who are victims of large accidents are not the only ones who can recover from their employers. The Jones Act allows injured individuals to make a compensation claim from a negligent employer.

Source: The Times Picayune, “Wife of Deepwater Horizon victim none too pleased about upcoming film based on BP oil spill, newspaper reports,” Mike Scott, March 13, 2015