Drivers have a duty to other drivers to take every reasonable safety precaution while on the roadways of Louisiana. Truck drivers employed by trucking companies are also held to this same standard. When these standards are breached, accidents can occur. Such may be the case for one local driver who is currently in stable condition at a local hospital after an 18-wheeler accident.

The accident occurred early in the morning on Interstate 12. One truck was rear-ended by another 18-wheeler as it approached the 434 exit. Such was the force of the collision that the front cab of the 18-wheeler that caused the accident pinned the driver of the other truck in his vehicle. Firefighters from Fire District 4 were called in to rescue the trapped driver and rush him to the hospital. The unidentified driver appeared to have severe injuries to the lower portion of his body. Transmission parts, engine and fuel oil also littered the street after the accident. Sand was brought in to help contain the mess.

Here, the victims of the accident were both professional truck drivers and were not fatally injured. However, this is not always the case. Overworked commercial truck drivers of 18-wheelers can cause horrific accidents. When one of these massive vehicles collides with a typical sedan, it can lead to catastrophic injury for the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Injured truck accident victims are allowed to seek compensation for their lost wages, medical expenses and other damages. Negligent drivers and the companies that employ them may be liable for the injuries that they cause to other drivers. An experienced attorney can help these individuals understand their options and decide on a course of action.

Source: The Times Picayune, “Truck driver in stable condition after 18-wheelers collided o I-12, State Police Say,” Robert Rhoden, May 22, 2015