For many Americans, getting out on the open road is an enjoyable and recreational experience. However, this freeing activity can quickly turn tragic, as one family unfortuantely discovered this past Mother’s Day.

The accident report stated that the family’s sedan and the garbage truck were both traveling southbound on the highway. The truck made a left turn and the sedan collided with the truck. The garbage truck rolled over from the impact of the car accident. The passenger side of the family’s sedan was severely damaged. The two children in the car suffered minor to moderate injuries. The mother, who is six-months pregnant, was seriously injured. The condition of the garbage truck driver is not known at this time.

The cause of this accident is still under investigation. In the meantime the accident victims are recovering from their injuries. Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries that include whiplash, knee injuries and fractures, all of which may have both short and long term effects on the quality of life of the injured. These types of injuries can impact victims and families for a long period of time.

The state of Louisiana allows accident victims to pursue legal action to recover damages for their injuries. In such stressful times, seeking damages for things such as medical bills or, however unfortunate, funeral expenses can help make the path leading to recovery easier to navigate. In the same vein, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can aid in forming a solid legal plan of action.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Pregnant mother seriously injured in north shore crash, TV station reports,” Ken Dale, May 10, 2015