While more airbags have been added to the largest auto recall in history, the maker of the defective airbags recently announced that airbags that have already been replaced will have to be replaced again. According to a company executive, many of the cars that have already been repaired with replacement airbags, received replacement airbags that may have the same inflator blamed for the exploding airbags. The company supplies 20 percent of the world’s airbags.

The inflators in question have been found in the cars that had exploding driver’s-side airbags linked to most of the dozens of injuries and six deaths that led to the airbag recall. The company executive noted that the company plans to discontinue use of the batwing inflators in question but did not confirm when the change will take place. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it cannot confirm that the replacement airbags are safe but that they are safer. A total of approximately 34 million cars have been recalled so far as part of what has been described as the largest, and complex, auto recall in history.

Consumers have a reasonable expectation of safety when using everyday products. When they are harmed by a defective or dangerous product, such as a defective car part, products liability law exists to protect them. Victims and their families can suffer serious injuries and harm which can result in physical, financial and emotional damages. Because of the serious nature of the dangers defective products present for consumers, victims should be familiar with their rights to receive compensation for damages, as well as their rights to be safe when using everyday products.

Source: CNN Money, “Takata recall shock: Replacement airbags must be replaced,” Chris Isidore, June 2, 2015