Much of Louisiana commerce still depends on truck drivers to safely get items to their destination. When truck drivers fall asleep or become distracted by texting and driving, Louisiana residents can get injured. In some cases those injuries lead to death.

When people are injured in a truck accident, their injuries are often so serious that they require long hospital stays, surgery and rehabilitative care. The injured may be unable to work for months, or even be rendered permanently disabled. When the individual is the head of household, the loss of income can be financially devastating for the family. When any one of these situations occur, it may be time to seek legal counsel.

Personal injury litigation can be extremely complicated after an accident involving a truck or any commercial vehicle. A negligent truck driver may be held liable for damages he or she caused, but often the trucking company may be held liable as well. Holding the trucking company liable is often crucial for helping the injured to recover all the compensation they deserve. Without experienced legal counsel, it can be difficult to receive enough compensation to make up for all the losses the injured has suffered, and will continue to suffer from in the future.

When our law firm handles truck accident cases, we evaluate the mental state of the driver, road conditions at the time of the collision and any other factor that may have contributed to your injuries. When appropriate, we will find the expert witnesses to further explain the circumstances of your unique case to the jury.