The last hurrah of summer in New Orleans is Labor Day weekend. Fun with family and friends is the hallmark of the holiday. However, for some Louisiana families, this weekend did not end on a happy note. Instead, it was filled with danger as several vehicles were involved in a multi-vehicle accident on highways.

The car accident happed late afternoon on Interstate 12, about one mile east of Exit 74 in St. Tammany Parish. Louisiana State Police arrived on the scene to investigate the five-vehicle accident. The accident caused the highway to slow to one lane. Traffic on I-12 backed up for two miles. No major injuries were suffered by any individuals involved in the car accident.

Though no physical injuries were suffered by the drivers and passengers, sometimes, physical injuries become evident after the initial accident. In addition to the physical injuries, there could be other damages that can be assessed. The damage to the vehicles, the time needed to fix the cars and the inconvenience to the vehicle owners are quantifiable damages that can become a part of a negligence claim.

Negligence is defined as duty, breach, causation and damages. Here, every driver on the road has a duty to safely operate a vehicle. There may be a breach if there are factors that contributed to the accident. Causation is present if it is a factor in the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can help car accident victims assess the value of their case.

Source: The Times Picayune, “I-12 wreck near Lacombe backs up traffic Monday afternoon,” Danielle Dreilinger, Sept. 7, 2015