Incidents of Louisiana domestic violence can sometimes escalate and become deadly. One such incident occurred Sept. 23, 2014, and it involved a St. John the Baptist sheriff. The officer was killed during the standoff and his family now brings a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisiana State Police.

Lieutenant, Nolan Anderson, was on duty when he returned to the home he shared with his wife. Anderson allegedly hit his wife with his gun several times before the police arrived. He threatened to kill his wife and refused to allow her to leave the home.

The deputies that arrived on the scene attempted to negotiate with Anderson, but ultimately, shot him, when he refused to drop his weapon. Anderson later died from his wounds at River Parishes Hospital.

Anderson’s surviving family now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the State Police. In the lawsuit, the family alleges that non-lethal methods should have been used during the stand-off. Instead, the officers acted intentionally and negligently. These actions directly lead to Anderson’s death. The lawsuit also alleges that the officers were not appropriately trained.

The State police stand by the actions of the officers. It is their position that they saved the life of Anderson’s wife. The department plans to defend against the suit.

The state of Louisiana allows wrongful death lawsuits, such as this one to be brought by surviving family. A surviving spouse or children may bring suit. Wrongful death claims may seek to recover the lost earning potential of the deceased and recover any household bills that are unpaid. A wrongful death attorney can advise families of their legal options.

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