Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem passed away in 2014. Though a year has passed since his death, his children have yet to fully mourn his passing. Kasem’s death was shrouded in allegations of elder abuse and extreme emotional distress at the hands of then wife, Jean Kasem. These allegations have led to the filing of a wrongful death suit against Jean Kasem.

Kasem was the longtime American Top 40 radio host. At his death, he suffered from a form of dementia. He ultimately died from a bedsore at age 82. However, daughters Kerri and Julie Kasem, along with their brother Michael Kasem, believe that he prematurely died due to mistreatment from his wife. The family is seeking over $250,000 from Jean Kasem. Documents for the lawsuit detail Casey Kasem’s last days and the frequent movement between different facilities. After his death, Casey was buried in an unmarked grave in Norway instead of in Los Angeles, California.

The purpose of the lawsuit is to try to recover compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted by the emotional stress they alleged occurred at the hands of Jean. The fight is nothing new, as the two sides battled over Kasem’s care until the very end. At that time, a Los Angeles judge had removed Jean’s ability to make decisions concerning her husband’s care. Jean Kasem has not responded publicly to the charges.

Louisiana allows certain family members to bring a wrongful death suit if certain circumstances exist. Children or the spouse of the deceased may file such a lawsuit in an attempt to recover compensation. If the deceased was the primary bread winner, family members may be given monetary awards for future earnings and lost income. However, as these matters are often complicated and highly important for a surviving family’s financial future, anyone considering a wrongful death suit should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.

Source: The Times Picayune, “Casey Kasem’s widow sued: His children claim her alleged abuse helped to kill him,” Nov. 25, 2015