Louisiana is blessed with ample bodies of water for residents and visitors to enjoy. Swimming, boating and fishing are all popular pursuits among people here. Unfortunately, the more time people spend on the water, the more likely they are to run into problems. Drowning is an all-too-common occurrence in this area, and depending on the circumstances of the death, the survivors may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Many drownings occur among people engaged in boating or fishing. For example, fatal accidents sometimes happen to those using a personal watercraft. If the fatal injury happened when another boater struck the personal watercraft user, the other boater may be liable for negligence. Liability in this matter is greatly dependent on the circumstances surrounding the incident, however.

Another commonplace where a drowning may occur is a swimming pool or public beach. Many of these places provide lifeguards for the safety of swimmers and other recreational users. If a lifeguard engages in negligent behavior resulting in the death of a swimmer, the operator of the venue may be liable for wrongful death.

Also, the federal and Louisiana state governments have established safety rules and regulations for the operation of public pools. For example, federal regulations govern the design of pool drain covers to prevent children from drowning. If a child drowns because a pool operator was using non-compliant drain covers, that pool operator may face claims of wrongful death from the child’s family.

Losing a loved one to drowning is always a tragic and sad situation. By holding responsible parties accountable for their negligence, Louisiana families can both seek to recover the damages they suffered and encourage responsible parties to rectify the situation that allowed the harm to happen.