Orleans Parish residents should be aware that they have rights that stem from product liability law. Whenever a person is injured from a defect in a consumer item, that person may have a claim against one or more parties based on product liability law and other areas of law. Here we will provide some quick information about one kind of defect that could give rise to product liability: design defect.

In a defect design product liability case, the plaintiff claims that a defect in the design of the consumer item is responsible for the injury suffered. Sadly, many dangerous products have been offered to consumers over the years where the danger is inherent in the design of the product. Even if the product was not manufactured improperly or marketed improperly, defendants could be liable for the defective design.

More specifically, the plaintiff in a design defect case will claim that the design flaw or defect renders the product unreasonably dangerous. The plaintiff will argue that the risk was foreseeable, yet the manufacturer chose to offer the product to the public anyway. It is also necessary to show that the plaintiff was injured because of the defect, as opposed to some other source of injury.

How severe could an injury from a defectively designed product be? Some people have suffered serious injury that impacted their ability to move around, work or raise children. The effects of these injuries could be short-term or long-term. Product liability law is designed so that people in similar positions may pursue compensation from the parties responsible for the unreasonably dangerous defects.