When a person heads onto the road in New Orleans, there is the chance that there will be a car crash. In the most unfortunate circumstances, these accidents can result in a fatality. With any fatal accident, the family left behind will have to come to terms with the loss of a loved one in an emotional, practical and financial manner. This can be difficult. This is why when a fatal car accident occurs, those who are left behind need to be fully aware of their rights to seek compensation through a wrongful death legal filing.

Indeed, an accident in Marrero between a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria and a sheriff’s cruiser resulted in the death of the 72-year-old female driver of the Ford. The accident happened as the officer was heading toward the scene of a burglary. According to the investigation, the woman was making a turn at an intersection when the crash occurred. The deputy had turned off the overhead lights on his vehicle as he had been informed that the suspects in the burglary had left the scene. The officer was also injured with a broken leg and cuts. It is not known at what speed the officer was traveling.

Any death is difficult to come to terms with, but when it happens in a fatal car accident, it can be even worse. The shocking nature of such an incident is compounded it involves those who are supposed to protect, serve and provide aid, like a law enforcement officer. Insurance companies will often make an offer to settle any possible legal case to avoid a long, expensive bout of litigation. While the family might think that the offer is reasonable, when calculating everything that has been lost, it is often severely lacking.

In this crash, a law enforcement officer was heading to a crime scene when he crashed into a vehicle that had entered the intersection. The investigation is continuing in the hopes of determining the exact circumstances surrounding the accident. While this is taking place, it is imperative that the woman’s family protect themselves and have an investigation performed with their interests in mind. For that, they need to consult an experienced attorney who is familiar with all the aspects of liability and the steps to filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: The New Orleans Advocate, “Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s cruiser on way to burglary scene kills Marrero woman after hitting her car,” Chad Calder, April 11, 2016