It’s probably obvious why an 18-wheeler accident is a much bigger deal than an accident involving passenger cars only. Semitrailer trucks, dump trucks and other large commercial vehicles can have 25 times – or more – the mass of a passenger car in Louisiana. What this means is that truck drivers, trucking companies and truck manufacturers are held to a higher standard than the drivers, owners and manufacturers of passenger vehicles.

What causes commercial vehicle accidents? It should be remembered that truck drivers in general have been found to be much more careful drivers than passenger car drivers. This is not surprising because driving is their job, and most people make an effort to be good at their job. This means that many big-rig accidents are the result of things not the fault of the truck driver. This can include bad driving by other vehicles and sudden, unforeseeable road hazards.

Although many truck accidents are indeed due to the fault of other people or of no one, sometimes they are the the truck driver’s or truck company’s fault. There have been instances where a truck driver got behind the wheel despite being too intoxicated or too tired to drive. When this happens, blood tests and truck driver logs sometimes will provide evidence of the driver’s negligence. It may be possible to present this evidence in court to support allegations of truck driver negligence.

Truck drivers have a duty to keep a proper lookout when driving and not to drive while intoxicated or fatigued. When they breach this duty, victims may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, hospital bills, lost wages and more. Personal injury attorneys can provide more information and guidance to those seeking more information about their legal options after a truck accident.