One minute a person is driving along, minding their own business. The next — wham! — they find themselves involved in a car accident. Many motorists in New Orleans have experienced this horror. It is a good idea to know the proper course of action to take immediately following a car accident. This blog post will provide readers with some general information regarding the steps that should be taken after an accident.

The first thing to keep in mind after a collision is that any motorist involved in the accident should remain at the scene to assist others involved in the accident. This is especially true if others have suffered injuries in the accident.

Louisiana state law requires this. A driver, who leaves the scene of an auto accident may face criminal sanctions as a hit-and-run driver.

Motorists involved in a collision should take steps to determine if all other drivers and passengers involved are OK. Summon police and emergency services if there are injuries, deaths or significant amounts of property damage. If another person is unconscious or reporting back or neck pain, try to avoid moving them until qualified medical help arrives. Get the names and badge numbers of police officers who respond, and ask that a police report be filed. Exchange names, addresses and insurance information with other drivers.

What if one finds that they have suffered injury as a result of the auto accident? Seek qualified medical help immediately. Also, based on the specific circumstances of the accident, they may be eligible to recover for medical expenses, lost wages and more.