On a typical day, residents in New Orleans rely on various products to effectively get through his or her day. Automobiles, household products and other consumer goods make life easier and provide many benefits. Whether a product is designed to complete a certain task or is primarily use for entertainment, some consumer goods have numerous working parts. This means that each component has to be properly designed, produced, manufactured and put together to successfully result in a completed product. This not only ensures that the product works properly, but also is safely operating. If any of the steps in the process are not followed properly, this could result in a faulty or dangerous product.

The reliance on certain consumer products make it even more difficult on an individual when a consumer product is not working properly. Even more, if a product malfunctions, this could put the consumer at risk. At Frischhertz Poulliard Frischhertz Impastato, LLC, our legal team understands the legal concept of product liability and has successfully helped past clients navigate actions arising from dangerous or defective products resulting in consumer injury.

Manufacturers and retailers have the duty to design, produce and sell products that are safe for consumers to use in the way they are designed to function. If those productions do not so function, and if it is determined that a product is unsafe, defective or improperly recalled, a designer, manufacturer or retailer could be held liable by an injured consumer.

A products liability claim could be a complex matter with several responsible parties. Therefore, our legal experts are prepared to use their resources and skills necessary to determine the causes of the consumer injury and who is accountable for the incident. Our firm has access to specialized experts that could help determine the exact cause for a particular consumer injury.

To learn more, check out our products liability website. Consumers injured by product likely did not expect to be harmed by a defective product. Such a situation could greatly impact the life of a victim, making it important to consider the options available to injured consumers.