Our readers know that car accidents happen every day throughout the country. This is just a reality of living in a country where so many people eschew public transportation and drive their own cars. The byproduct of that ingrained social behavior is that any driver or passenger on the roads is inherently placing their own safety in the hands of other drivers. And, in some cases, everyone involved in a car accident pays the price for one party’s negligence.

According to a recent report, a car accident occurred in Louisiana in which one driver, a 20-year-old female, died at the scene. The reports indicate that this young woman was driving a Toyota Camry when for unknown reasons she crossed the center line of the road she was on. Her car slammed into a Honda CRV. In the collision the 20-year-old female, who reportedly was not wearing a seatbelt at the time, was ejected from her vehicle. After that, she was struck by a third vehicle, a Ford pickup truck.

The driver of the Honda CRV, a 23-year-old male, was injured in the accident. The reports indicate that although his injuries were described as “moderate,” he still needed to be transported for medical care. The car accident occurred on November 7, and the reports did not indicate whether or not the driver of the CRV would be hospitalized for an extended period of time.

Although the investigation into this accident is still ongoing, it appears as if the 20-year-old female who died in the crash was the negligent party when she crossed the center line. For the other injured driver, an attempt to recover compensation may need to be directed at the young woman’s estate.

Source: heraldguide.com, “Kenner woman ejected from vehicle, killed in Destrehan crash,” Anna Thibodeaux, Nov. 8, 2016