Whether in Orleans Parish or elsewhere, traveling in a car can be a dangerous undertaking. Automobile travel is one of the most dangerous modes of travel, statistically more hazardous than traveling by airplane, train or riverboat. For example, over 3,100 deaths in 2014 were in crashes blamed on distracted drivers.

Many automobile-related deaths can be attributed to the negligence of a person other than the victim. Depending on the circumstances, a driver at fault in a fatal car accident may be guilty of a criminal offense. Are there any other options for a victim’s survivors to hold the at-fault driver accountable? There may be. The at-fault driver could be held liable to the victim’s loved ones in a wrongful death case. If found liable, the driver could be ordered to pay compensation to the victim’s family. Damages could compensate for funeral expenses, pain and suffering and more.

What kinds of bad driving could give rise to a wrongful death claim? There are any number of kinds, but some that are commonly encountered include texting and driving and other forms of distracted driving, speeding, failing to yield, failing to obey a stop sign or red light, failing to keep a proper lookout, driving while intoxicated, reckless and careless driving, not driving in a safe manner for weather conditions and driver fatigue.

Car accident victims’ families can investigate their options for pursuing compensation if they believe another’s wrongful behavior contributed to their loved one’s death. Many families find wrongful death lawyers to be a helpful resource in these situations.