As a previous post on this blog discussed, fatigued truck driving is a terrible habit that endangers the other motorists on the roads in and around New Orleans. In many cases, a seriously fatigued truck driver will behave similarly to drunk or drugged drivers.

Obviously, then, someone who is too tired to be driving such a large vehicle has the potential to leave a trail of destruction in his or her wake. Because they do not have the best reaction times, fatigued drivers may not to be able to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision with the vehicle in front of them.

Additionally, without good judgment, it is possible a driver will simply change lanes into another vehicle trying to legally pass it. Finally, a sleepy driver can drift on the road. Even if such a trucker manages to avoid a direct collision, this could force another car off the road, into a third vehicle, or into some sort of roadside obstacle like a sign or overpass.

Aside from being dangerous, fatigued trucking is also irresponsible, especially since many truckers are subject to rules meant to ensure they get enough rest while en route to the next delivery point. When a trucker gets behind the wheel too tired to drive, he or she wrongfully risks the lives of others. Therefore, he or she should be held financially accountable if he or she causes an accident.

In this respect, our New Orleans law office has been taking fatigued truck drivers to task for decades. We have over 75 years’ combined experience in handling truck accident claims on behalf of injured victims, whether they are New Orleans residents or visitors from another part of Louisiana or even from another state. We use our resources, our experience, and our connection with experts to help our clients get the compensation they need and deserve after a truck accident, which could help cover damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.