Last week’s post on this blog discussed how on too many occasions, fatigued truck drivers are traveling on the roads in and around New Orleans. As the post discussed, fatigued truck driving is extremely dangerous, as a fatigued truck driver can exhibit the same loss of coordination and judgment as would a drunk driver.

Many accidents likely happen because of truck driver fatigue. Of course, a driver can, in the worst cases of fatigue, simply fall asleep behind the wheel. In other cases, a driver is overly tired and therefore makes a mistake, such as failing to stop, that he or she otherwise would not make. Sometimes, the tiredness is not from lack of sleep so much as it is from staring out on a highway for hours on end. In other cases, a driver may take energy drinks or other supplements, or even drugs, in order to stay awake.

It is true that truck drivers are not unique among the driving public when it comes to being too exhausted to drive safely, as many other drivers also engage in this dangerous behavior. The problem is that a truck driver is getting paid to operate a very large vehicle that will almost inevitably cause extensive damage to whatever it hits in the course of an accident.

Our law office believes, therefore, that truck drivers and their employers should be held accountable when they cause an accident, whether it is because of truck driver fatigue or otherwise. Moreover, when a Louisiana resident is involved in a collision with a large truck, he or she has a substantial risk of suffering a serious injury or even death and will likely need the financial compensation from a lawsuit or legal settlement.

We have experienced attorneys who are ready both to make sure that truck drivers and transportation companies keep other people safe, and are prepared to advocate that the truck accident victims we represent get full compensation for their injuries.