Driving can be a monotonous undertaking, especially when on an open road without any apparent obstacles ahead. However, even when conditions seem to be calm, drivers always must remain vigilant and ready to act should hazards present themselves. From animals to other cars to pedestrians, there are a host of threats that may suddenly appear before a moving car.

An unusual accident recently occurred on a Louisiana highway. Several vehicles that a driver may generally not expect to see on vehicle roads – dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles – were involved in a crash with a car on Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans. Though details about the accident are sparse, law enforcement officials have reported that one person was killed in the crash.

An investigation into this incident may reveal information needed to determine liability in the crash. One thing is clear – fatal car accidents can result from negligence or recklessness and can claim the lives of innocent drivers and passengers.

In the event that a deceased party was not responsible for the harm that claimed their life, it is possible that their loved ones may have a claim of wrongful death to pursue against the party or parties whose actions led to the death. Wrongful death claims can provide individuals with compensation in the wake of a loved one’s death and damages to help them move their lives forward. Individuals who have lost family members in car accidents and other vehicle crashes may want to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to help formulate a solid plan of legal action.

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