Death is an expected part of life, but for most New Orleans residents death is not anticipated until they have reached a happy and fulfilled old age. Unfortunately, not every person is able to live out their days, and some perish in accidents when they are young. Regardless of a person’s age, if they lose their life in an accident or incident caused by another person’s negligence, their family may have a host of unexpected end-of-life costs to cover to provide their lost loved one with an appropriate funeral and burial.

Traditional funeral services can involve the following services. It is important for readers to know that costs and services can vary and their funeral-related damages may be different. A funeral will involve fees for the staff of the facility that hosts the service, transportation costs for moving the decedent, embalming and body preparations, costs associated with the casket and crypt or plot space, costs for services at the cemetery, and vehicle rental costs.

All of these costs can add up to thousands of dollars and if a family loses an injured loved one after a hospitalization their costs can also include medical fees, costs for prescriptions and treatments, doctors’ bills and others. An accident-related fatality can place a massive financial burden on the relatives of the victim and put them into monetary peril.

Though deceased victims of accidents do not have rights to sue, their loved ones often do through the decedents’ estates. These claims are based on the wrongful deaths of the decedents and can provide their family members with the compensation they need to pay for their loved one’s death-related costs and any other damages that may apply to their cases. Readers who have lost loved ones in devastating accidents are encouraged to seek legal assistance from personal injury attorneys about their potential to pursue wrongful death claims.