Semis, tractor-trailers and other massive commercial vehicles are a common sight on Louisiana roads and freeways. They can be incredibly frustrating to get stuck behind when drivers wish to operate at higher speeds or when they block drivers from making passes and other safe driving maneuvers. They can be intimidating when they come roaring down the road and appear seemingly out of nowhere in the rear-view mirrors of New Orleans residents.

Dealing with large trucks on the roads is a necessary part of driving in the United States but unfortunately even when the drivers of smaller vehicles make safe and law-abiding driving decisions they can still suffer collisions with big trucks. Big trucks can become unwieldy and when their drivers fail to operate them with consideration and care they can quickly become dangerous hazards on Louisiana roads that put innocent people at risk of injury and death.

A big truck takes longer to stop than a regular car, requires more space to make a turn and may have larger blind spots than vehicles of smaller sizes. All of these factors can make trucks more difficult to drive than smaller automobiles and when truck drivers add to the ever-present dangers that trucks inherently possess by operating while distracted, tired or otherwise incapacitated the combination of issues can result in deadly collisions.

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