There is no doubt that New Orleans residents are busy. From getting out the door on time to get to work, get the kids to school, get all the errands done and get dinner on the table there is little time left for many individuals to slow down and simply enjoy their lives. The rapid pace that many people must keep up with in order to stay on schedule has forced some to look for creative ways to multitask. One very dangerous way that some individuals have found to do two things at once is to try to complete other tasks while driving.

When a driver does something other than operate their motor vehicle while they are behind the wheel of a car they are engaging in distracted driving. Distracted driving often involves the use of handheld cellular devices and drivers can engage in distracted driving when they send or receive text messages, use their cellphones to find driving directions, look at pictures or social media accounts or dial telephone numbers with their hands.

Distracted driving is very dangerous and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that around nine people are killed every day in the United States from distracted driving accidents. Another 1,000 people are hurt in distracted driving accidents each day and the CDC reports that distracted drivers are significantly more likely to be involved in car crashes than drivers who make driving their sole priority.

Distracted driving can involve talking to passengers, eating a meal, finding a new radio station or any other task that takes a driver’s focus away from the road. It is a problem from Louisiana residents as well as individuals all throughout the nation. Individuals who have suffered injuries and losses in accidents with distracted drivers are encouraged to discuss their cases with car accident attorneys to protect their rights to pursuing civil claims against the irresponsible parties who caused their harm.