Summer is fully underway, meaning an increase in vacations abroad, road trips across the state, visits to the beach and parties in the backyard. There is so much to do in summer, most of which requires driving to get to.

Driving is already hazardous enough, but summer brings unique challenges to the road. Knowing what these dangers are can help you prevent an accident or pinpoint the cause if you do get into a crash.

Teenage drivers

School is out, so more teens are behind the wheel and traveling farther than just to and from school. Those who have recently earned their driver’s licenses are likelier to get into a motor vehicle accident, reports the CDC, and the risk increases when peers are in the car. Teens may also consume alcohol and then drive, or they may let their attention wander to their cellphones.

Summer holidays

Unfortunately, some of the most fatal holidays occur in the summer, mainly due to alcohol consumption. Other factors include driving late at night and driving in heavier traffic as you get to or from a holiday celebration. On the bright side, summer in Louisiana means dealing with fewer tourists, who do not know where they are going. Still, summer is ideal travel time in general, so be aware of visiting drivers. 


Rainy season occurs the first few months of summer, causing the roads to become slick, decreasing your visibility and making it harder to stay in control of your vehicle. Remember to slow down during a downpour and allow for more room to stop. Avoid flooded areas and know what to do in case you hydroplane (it depends on your car’s features).

Later in the summer come more hurricanes. Stay off the roads when the weather is bad to prevent being stuck out in a storm or sustaining an injury or damage to your vehicle.