Louisiana is one of the worst states for hit-and-runs in the country. Over 2,000 hit-and-run fatalities occur every year in the United States, and Louisiana, particularly New Orleans, ranks second in the entire nation.

You may know immediately if you sustained an injury after an auto accident where the other driver left the scene. You need to protect your rights and ensure you do everything in your power to get your medical expenses covered. Here is what you need to do following a hit and run. 

Stay at the scene

You may feel tempted to go after the other driver, especially if your vehicle is still operable. However, this is not safe. You could end up doing more damage to your car. If you suffered an injury, then you could also hurt yourself more. It is best to stay where you are. Instead, you should use your phone to make note of or try to remember as many details about the other car as you can. 

Report the accident to the police

You need to call the cops right away after a hit and run. When the police arrive at the scene, give your entire report of what transpired. This should include anything you remember about the other car. Ideally, you will have the license plate number to provide. However, knowing the make, model and color of the car will help. The cops may also want to talk to any bystanders in the vicinity because they may provide extra information. 

See a doctor

You do not have the other driver’s insurance information, but you should not let that prevent you from seeing a doctor right after the incident. Your own insurance policy will pay for the expenses in the meantime. If the police find the perpetrator, then you can file a lawsuit to try to recover damages. Hit and runs are serious offenses, and the perpetrator may also face jail time for fleeing the scene.