Car accidents happen every day in Louisiana. In 2017 alone, 696 fatal crashes occurred. If you ever find yourself involved in a collision, then you need to see a doctor immediately. 

The reason for this is the sooner you begin treatment, the better you will feel. You do not want to hamper your activities at work because of an untreated injury. However, some injuries will appear days or weeks after the car crash. You need to pay attention to your body, so you know when you need to make another visit to the doctor’s office. 

Numbness and tingling

You may walk away from the car accident feeling fine, but your arm or another part of your body feels numb days later. This numbness could be the result of a herniated disc or pinched nerve. You may not realize something is wrong because adrenaline flushes through your body after traumatic events. After your muscles adjust to the trauma, new pains and tingling sensations begin to emerge. 


Headaches can occur from whiplash or a concussion. They can also be signs of traumatic brain injuries. You do not want to ignore these headaches or else the consequences could be fatal. You should tell your loved ones about your headaches so they can keep an eye on other cognitive issues that may develop. You could walk differently or slur your speech soon, and these are good reasons to head to the nearest emergency room right away. 

Emotional distress

It is not just your physical health you need to pay attention to. You need to focus on your mental health, too. Some people develop signs of PTSD after car accidents. They are unable to even get inside a vehicle due to the trauma. Additional signs of emotional distress include memory issues, panic attacks, sleep disorders and changes in appetite. It can quickly lead to various challenges in life, so see a doctor posthaste.