If you are a New Orleans resident, you know how crowded our famous city becomes at certain times of the year. If you get around town on a motorcycle, you must pick your way through congested traffic.

At some point, you may have to take evasive action to avoid a collision. However, as the victim of a no-contact motorcycle crash, can you still expect to receive financial compensation?

Not your fault

On the best of days when the roadways are relatively clear, you must still exercise caution if you ride a motorcycle. You are always vulnerable to injury, and in a car-motorcycle crash, the car almost always comes out on top. Often the motorist is the negligent party, the common excuse being that he or she simply did not see the motorcycle, which is not sufficient reason for causing the crash. The motorcyclist usually sustains the most severe injuries and, as the victim, can file an insurance claim for compensation.

The no-contact crash

What happens if there is no collision? Perhaps you had to swerve and lay down your bike because someone on the interstate abruptly changed lanes, or because someone in the Garden District decided to turn left in front of you. You and the other vehicle never made contact; there was no collision, yet you sustained injuries.

Next steps

As with any kind of traffic accident, you should notify the police and call 911 if there are injuries. The motorist who forced you to take evasive action may stop, in which case, you can obtain contact and insurance information. If you can, you should also use your cellphone to take pictures of the crash site and the damage to your motorcycle. In a no-contact motorcycle accident, you can still pursue a claim for insurance compensation using the information and photos you put together, evidence collected from the scene, the police report and eyewitness accounts. Even if the other vehicle departs the scene without stopping, you should explore your legal options promptly. Proving liability to strengthen your claim for compensation to cover your medical expenses, rehabilitation, property damage and more is still possible.