Working on boats or oil rigs is a difficult job that isn’t for everyone. However, despite the best efforts of those who are tough enough to do the jobs, workplace injuries happen just like any other job site. However, workers like riggers, seamen and roustabouts expose themselves to danger on a regular basis during the course of performing their jobs.

One such roustabout is suing his employer, Ensco Offshore Co., in a New Orleans, Louisiana, federal court after he was injured in an offshore accident in December. Allegedly a pressurized hose came loose as the roustabout was performing his duties, and the force of it knocked him backward onto the deck.

He is suing his Ensco as well as Baker Hughes for $1.5 million in damages. The roustabout’s suit alleges that the company denied him a safe place to work, didn’t warn him of the hose pressure, didn’t clear the hose of pressure and didn’t adequately supervise him while he performed the task when he was injured.

The man’s injuries have apparently prevented him from working since the incident. He hopes to recoup damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering — both mental and physical — and lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

Regardless of exactly how an offshore worker is hurt, there is often some blame to be laid at the feet of the employer in situations like this. Workers who have been injured in an offshore workplace accident often consult with attorneys who are experienced in admiralty and maritime law that often apply to these cases.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Roustabout sues after being knocked down by pressurized hose,” Michelle Keahey, Feb. 21, 2012