A New Orleans police officer whose patrol car earlier this week struck two pedestrians has not yet contacted a young couple who were injured in the car accident. According to the couple, the cruiser ran a red light before striking a taxi and hitting them. They received medical attention with what were described as serious injuries.

According to witnesses, the police cruiser hit an oncoming taxi after charging through a red light. As a result of the impact, the careless driver shot over the curb and hit two people who were walking near the intersection. However, the car’s ride was not over yet-it then went through a tall wrought iron fence and struck a pole, where it finally came to a stop. Onlookers took pictures of the car and the substantial damage left by the accident.

The New Orleans Police Department has issued a statement noting that the officer, whom it did not identify, was on duty at the time of the accident and was responding to an emergency. However, they noted that a thorough investigation would be carried out and as per protocol he underwent a substance abuse test, among other standard post-accident testing.

Police also stated that both a supervisor and experienced investigator were called to the scene to look into the scene. The results have not yet been made public, but authorities stated that an investigation is underway. At the time of the accident, the vehicle did not have its siren or emergency lights activated.

Louisiana victims who have suffered a personal injury at the hands of negligent drivers — even if those drivers are in positions of authority — may be able to recover damages through a civil lawsuit. These damages can be used to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Injured pedestrians say NOPD cruiser ran red light before hitting them,” Brendan McCarthy, March 21, 2012