Two unrelated car accidents took place in New Orleans within hours and miles of each other involving students about to graduate this year from the same school. One teenager was seriously injured; the other died as a result of her accident.

The first accident took place on Highway 435. A 65-year-old drunk driver’s car slammed into the teenager’s vehicle on a remote stretch of the road. The man is facing DWI charges. Before her accident, the young woman’s biggest problem was how to style her hair for graduation, her devastated family said. Now, however, she is in the hospital. To cover her high medical expenses, the girl’s family has set up a fund. Increasing medical costs can take a toll on a family already suffering emotionally.

The second, fatal accident took place around an hour later on Highway 21, a couple of miles away from the first accident. Police surmise the vehicle hit a gutter after swerving off the road and turned over a few times. The police are not clear how the accident took place, as it does not seem as if another vehicle was involved.

The principal of their high school described the school’s shock at the news and explained how the whole school, faculty and students, are supporting one another in this difficult time.

Though nothing can ease their pain and suffering, New Orleans residents who have either lost loved ones in accidents or have suffered injuries should consider consulting an experienced attorney to discuss a course of action to obtain compensation to ease their financial burdens.

Source:, “Graduating classmates involved in horrific car crashes an hour apart,” Scott Satchfield, May 2, 2012