The loss of a loved one is always difficult to handle. When a loss is dealt by the hand of a horrific accident, however, it can be even more difficult to handle. In addition, these unexpected deaths can lead to financial hardship for family members and long-term injuries for survivors. This is often the case when a truck accident takes the life of those on the highway.

A recent 18-wheeler accident in St. Tammany Parish was the sight of just such an accident. Both the driver of the truck and a passenger were killed upon impact. Another passenger had serious injuries, and emergency crews rushed him to Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans. The cause of the accident is still unknown at this time. The Louisiana State Police have begun its investigation of the accident. Thus far, officials have revealed that the driver of the truck was driving on the right lane when he suddenly drifted off of the road and crashed into the trees on the side of the freeway.

This accident, though tragic, is not uncommon on our highways. Eighteen-wheelers, along with other commercial vehicles that are on the road, pose a major danger. Whether these trucks collide with another vehicle or cause injury to the passengers of the truck, the damage is still devastating. Whether the damage is caused by distraction, fatigue or reckless driving, plaintiffs must prove that the driver was negligent in order to recover compensation in a lawsuit.

Those who have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, or loved ones of victims, should seek experienced legal counsel. A qualified attorney will conduct a thorough accident investigation to ensure that victims get the compensation that they need to cover the medical, funeral, disability and pain and suffering that may result from this type of accident.

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