The Monday morning commute can be hectic and rushed. After enjoying family, friends and relaxation over the weekend, it is often difficult to get into the swing of things and head off to work on Monday mornings. Despite the struggle of Monday mornings, it is important that when drivers get behind the wheel to head off to work, the driver observes all the rules of the road. When drivers disregard the traffic laws or don’t pay attention, that is when accidents occur and sometimes a car accident leads to a loss of life.

A recent I-10 car accident resulted in the death of two passengers in St. Charles Parish. It happened when a 2012 Altima was stopped on the shoulder of I-10 during a Monday morning commute. The driver of a 2002 Mercedes C230 drove at a rapid speed on that same shoulder. The fatal crash resulted when the Mercedes collided with the Altima and started on fire. Both passengers in the Altima were declared dead at the scene. The toxicology report from the driver had not been completed at the time this story was written.

The law has is not able to prevent these fatal accidents. However, the law does have a remedy to compensate victims of car accidents and the family members that survive them. Injuries from car accidents run the range from minor things like whiplash to more serious injuries like amputations or brain injuries.

Whatever the situation, immediate and appropriate medical attention is needed to ensure the best outcome possible for the victim. Insurance companies may put up roadblocks to recovery but an experienced car accident attorney can help accident victims or their family members receive the compensation that is deserved.

An aggressive attorney can properly assess the value of a case and the likelihood of success.

Source:, “Driver arrested in deadly crash on I-10 in St. Charles Parish, State Police say,” Bob Warren, Feb. 4, 2013