When a tragedy occurs, the family of those lost is often left with many unanswered questions. Could anything have been done to prevent the accident? What changes need to occur to prevent other families from experiencing this same loss? Sometimes these questions can lead to the pursuit of a wrongful death lawsuit to help compensate for the loss.

One Kansas family is in the midst of seeking answers to these questions. The parents of forty-six year old Megan Cramer have filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her February 19, 2013 death from a gas explosion. Cramer was a hostess at JJ’s restaurant, which was destroyed in the explosion. The family’s lawsuit is filed against numerous parties, which include Missouri Gas Energy, Time Warner Cable Midwest, USIC Locating Services Inc., Southern Union Co., Heartland Midwest LLC and an employee of Heartland. The family hopes that their suit will result in improved regulations and ultimately prevent another family from suffering this same type of loss.

In the state of Louisiana, certain people are eligible to file wrongful death suits. Generally, children or a surviving spouse can file a claim for compensation. In the event that the deceased did not have children or a spouse, parents, like in this case, can file a claim. The loss of income for breadwinners and calculated future earnings are examples of compensation that can be recovered in these types of lawsuits.

Families that are struggling to meet the financial obligations left after a family member passes may want to seek legal advice concerning the viability of a wrongful death suit. Determining if any compensation can be recovered can help with the coping process after losing a loved one.

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