The loss of a family member is difficult to bear. Some New Orleans parents may never completely be able to mourn the death of a child. A 76-yearold, who lost his teenage son in a 2001 car accident, has suffered such a loss.

The man’s son was killed when a truck that failed to stop at a stop sign, broadsided the Jeep he was riding in. There were other victims in the crash but his son was the only one that was killed. In a wrongful death suit brought by all the victims, the victim’s father was awarded $500,000 from the uninsured motorist fund. However, on appeal of this award was modified and he was ordered to pay the other victims $150,000. The court’s reasoning was based on the fact that the victim’s father had received $1.6 million from another insurance source.

The grieving father paid his judgment in quarters to the law firms. The quarters were delivered to the law firms by flatbed truck with money transferred from armored cars that originated at the Federal Reserve in St. Louis. When asked why he paid the judgment in quarters, the grieving father stated, “Because I couldn’t do it in pennies.” The victim’s father may have been misplacing the anger he felt for the truck driver on other outlets and it may take time before he can come to terms with the loss he experienced.

Money can never replace the untapped potential of a lost family member. Recovering a reasonable award for the negligence of another can help pay any bills related to the death and even for the pain and suffering loved ones experience. An experienced wrongful death attorney can help grieving families navigate the legal system to receive proper compensation.

Source:, “Man uses 7,500 pounds of quarters to pay judgment in wrongful death case,” Martha Neil, Aug. 2, 2013