Any Louisiana resident who takes to the road must obey the rules of the road. This is true whether operating a car, truck, motorcycle ATV or any other motor vehicle. The life that is preserved could be your fellow drivers or your own life. In addition, when a driver follows safety guidelines, they could reduce their chances of suffering fatal injuries if an accident were to occur due to a negligent driver.

Recently, a Franklinton woman lost her life after sustaining life-threatening injuries in an auto accident. The deceased operated a Kawasaki four-wheeler on Louisiana 450. When she arrived at the intersection of La. 450 and 16, the stop signs were flashing red. The ATV driver disregarded the stop sign and recklessly continued to move forward. A Nissan Maxima traveling on La. 450 struck her. The ATV rolled multiple times and ejected the helmet-less driver.

Initial testing of the Maxima driver did not detect any alcohol. However, authorities are conducting additional test on her blood as part of the continued crash investigation. Police are working to determine contributing factors in the car crash. The driver of the ATV initially was treated at a local Hospital, but was later airlifted to a different facilityin New Orleans where she later died from her critical injuries.

Car accident injuries can be devastating to those affected. Insurance companies can sometimes make it difficult to recover the compensation that is required to treat the long-term injuries of a car accident victim. Whiplash, amputations and neck injuries are just some of the complications that create a mountain of medical bills and lost hours of work.

Car accident victims may be able to recuperate a larger sum than that which is offered by their insurance company. This is often accomplished through a personal injury claim or a wrongful death suit. A civil suit could provide them with compensation to offset the coasts caused by the accident.

Whether a driver contributed to the accident or a negligent driver was at fault, it is important to have the accident fully investigated. Even when a motorist is partially liable for their own death or injuries, the injured or their loved ones could still recover compensation. Seeking guidance about the situation will best determine what course of action they should take.

Source:, “Franklinton woman dies in ATV crash, State Police say,” Jacob Bielanski, April 2, 2014.