Apple products are now among the most popular electronic brands in America. From iPhones to iPads, the popular brand can be found everywhere in New Orleans. The partnership with the Beats music products has been particularly lucrative for Apple in the last few years. This week a product from the popular Beats line has called for a product recall.

The recall involves the Beats Pill XL speaker. Several consumers have reported that the speakers have overheated. In one case, the finger of a consumer was burned. In another incident, there was damage to a consumer’s desk. The small capsule-shaped speaker comes in four colors and measures four inches tall and 13 inches wide. These speakers are sold in Apple retail stores and online. They retail for about $300. The remedy being offered for the defective product is a refund. Concerned speaker owners should contact Apple for more details.

Consumers have a right to safe products. When a defective product injures an individual, he or she may have a right to compensation. The laws of the state of Louisiana allow for injured consumers to bring a product liability suit regardless of whether the injured person owned the defective product.

Getting proper compensation for injuries and lost wages may not be an easy task. Without proper legal compensation, a valid claim may go unanswered. An experienced product liability attorney can assess your legal issue and help you determine the appropriate legal course. The right attorney will bring together a team of experts to articulate to the court the factors that contributed to your injuries.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Potable Wireless Speakers Due to Fire Hazard,” June 3, 2015