For those with allergies, an epinephrine pen is an essential item that must be present at all times. From bug bites to peanut allergies, the epi pen is crucial to the survival of many allergy sufferers. However, one manufacturer is recalling their epi pens due to a malfunction that could lead to death.

Sanofi US, the manufacturer of Auvi-Q epinephrine injection, recently issued the recall. If an individual comes in contact with their allergen, then he or she may begin to experience a condition known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening if the correct treatment is not administered, but an epinephrine shot should help stem the tide of a serious allergic reaction. Consumers that utilize Auvi-Q epinephrine injections, however, are not guaranteed to receive the appropriate dosage of epinephrine.

Thus far, there have been 26 reports of device malfunction. Though none of the reports have been confirmed, the manufacturer is recalling all devices that include the lot numbers 2081278 through 303730. This lot number expires between October 2015 and December 2016. The defective products have been distributed in Louisiana and throughout the United States and Canada. Any consumer who utilizes these epinephrine pens should check their lot numbers to determine if his or her device is included in the recall.

Anyone with a defective injection should first contact their healthcare provider for a new prescription. Sanofi US can be contacted directly at The company will reimburse consumers for any out of pocket expenses incurred for the purchase of a new epinephrine injection. If the cost of a replacement exceeds the cost of the original device, Sanofi US will pay the difference to consumers. Any reimbursements must be accompanied by proof of purchase.

Those who have been injured by a defective product should consider their legal options, as they often experience extensive physical, emotional, and financial loss. By speaking with a competent attorney, victims of these products may be able to find a legal route that allows them to recover their losses.

Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “Updated: Sanofi US Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Auvi-Q Due to Potential Inaccurate Dosage Delivery,” Oct. 30, 2015