Many kinds of cargo are carried to, from and through New Orleans every day via large commercial vehicles. The vast majority of these trucks are driven by professionals who take their jobs seriously, but unfortunately sometimes a negligent truck driver or trucking company can wreak devastation on others. What should you do if you are the victim of a truck driver who is negligent?

Obviously, dealing with the resulting personal injuries and property damage will be the first thing on the minds of most victims. Many people will choose to consult with a personal injury attorney about their legal options. This can be a very smart move, and it can be an even better experience if the victim can provide the legal staff with certain kinds of information at the first meeting.

For starters, many lawyers find it helpful if victims can provide personal information such as their present employment and income, as well as whether they have missed any work since the accident and what the financial impact has been.

Also, personal injury attorneys appreciate getting information about injuries suffered in a truck accident. Things such as medical records, bills, whether X-rays were taken, current health status and diagnoses can be helpful in assessing damages.

Details about the accident itself are always helpful. This can include whether a police report was taken, what driving conditions were like and any specifics about the accident. The identity and statements of eyewitnesses can be most valuable.

These are just a few things you might need if you are involved in an injury accident. When you get in touch with the law firm, the staff will give you a complete list of things to bring along to the first meeting. Having this information can help the attorney get to work on your case quickly.