This blog recently discussed the dangers of design defects for consumers who use a variety of products each day. A Louisiana woman recently brought a lawsuit for damages associated with a roll-out cart and alleged design defects. The woman brought the claim against the manufacturer of the roll-out cart and is accusing the manufacturer of design defects and a failure to warn of potential hazards associated with the use of the cart. The woman also alleges that the manufacturer of the cart violated the Louisiana Products Liability Act.

The lawsuit results from the woman tripping and falling, suffering severe injuries, while rolling the cart out at her home. She asserts that the manufacturer failed to design and manufacture a safe roll-out cart and failed to provide adequate warnings for a consumer moving the cart. The woman asserts in her lawsuit that she suffered lost wages, medical expenses, disabling and painful injuries, as well as a loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to safely design the product or provide adequate warnings for its safe use.

The woman is seeking compensation for the injuries she suffered and for her damages. When victims have been injured by defective products that have a design defect, depending on the circumstances, the manufacturer may be liable to the victim for the damages they have suffered. In addition, a manufacturer who failed to provide adequate warnings may also be liable to compensate victims who have been injured by using the product. Addition parties such as the wholesaler, distributer or retailer of a product may face liability to the victim as well.

It is important that victims know they are safe and free from harm when using everyday products. Products liability law is available to help ensure the safety of consumers, however, because it can be a complex area of the law, it is important for victims to understand the legal options, resources and remedies that may be available to them when harmed by a product defect.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Metairie woman accuses cart manufacturer of defective design,” April 11, 2016