Many Orleans Parish residents have experienced the misfortune of a car accident. The property damage alone can be devastating, as people must figure out how to get through life without a car, at least for the short term. Even more devastating is the scenario where a victim suffers personal injury and has to deal with the repercussions. If the victim is killed in the accident, the effects can be even more severe.

Not too long ago, we told you about a case where two teenagers were accused of involvement in a car wreck where another teenager was killed. One teenager was accused of negligent homicide and reckless operation of a vehicle. The other teenager was charged with being an accessory to negligent homicide. If the accusations of police and prosecutors can be believed, these teenagers violated the law against leaving the scene of an injury accident without providing assistance to victims.

Insurance companies should make it easy for beneficiaries to collect the money they have coming to them. Unfortunately, by making it difficult for beneficiaries to collect, many insurance companies make it as hard as possible to collect damages to cover long-term care, medical care, lost wages, rehabilitation and more. This is an example of a situation where a personal injury attorney may be able to help the victims of a careless driver.

The lawyers at Frischhertz Poulliard Frischhertz Impastato, LLC, have a track record of helping clients in situations such as this. They can be a great resource for plaintiffs seeking to organize their cases to present a strong case for recovery. For more information, why not check out our firm’s website?